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No landscaping job is too big or too small for the landscape professionals at Edmonds Landscaping Company LLC. Our landscape designers, horticulturists and maintenance engineers have the experience and knowledge to help you plan and implement a landscape design that suits your taste and lifestyle.

Edmonds Landscaping Company LLC will help you identify the best native or hybrid plants, perennials or annuals depending on your taste and vision. Through our association with reputable growers Edmonds Landscaping Company LLC will select only the healthiest, hardiest specimens for your lawn or garden. Once we’ve completed planting you can rest assured that we’ll maintain your beautiful new plants to ensure they thrive and provide years of enjoyment.

With help from Edmonds Landscaping Company LLC you won’t have to limit your lawn and garden’s potential to only the warmer months. With the proper planning by Edmonds Landscaping Company LLC your landscape can provide year round color and variety.

Edmonds Landscaping Company LLC specializes in landscape and hardscape construction such as:

  • Block & Timber Retaining Walls
  • Paver & Brick Walkways
  • Shrub & Tree Plantings
  • Landscape Layout & Installation

The main strengths of Edmonds Landscaping Company LLC include the level of dedication and compassion we bring to every job, the true professionalism we exhibit, and our belief that our customers wants and needs are first priority. Our company consists of skilled employees who express concern towards the outcome of every project. We go to great extremes to ensure quality care and professional service.

Beginner’s Guide to Bridge Park

Guide to Bridge ParkJust because you do not have a large garden and complicated does not mean you cannot emphasize enough what you have bridge park liter. Very well may be something that you need to convert a simple garden bridge garden in this area.

South Bridge Park or the official design adds a touch of the garden. Small garden bridges are easy to find. Bridge Park, there are many that you can find at the garden center or home improvement store. Small garden bridge to find the best place in the world can be on the Internet. There are many sites out there are many ideas small garden bridges.

If you are good with a hammer and nails, you can even make your garden bridge. The plan is to build shops and websites. Garden Bridge, you will find a lot of options on this page, you can also see various styles of bridges.

Bridge in the garden area of ​​your garden is a great advantage. In a small garden, small garden bridge looks interesting, and to draw attention to a particular area.

You can choose a small garden bridge is perfect if you do a little advance planning. If you have a small garden, you have a small garden bridge. Look for space and select the appropriate bridge. Examination in more than one area, and choose their favorite.

There are some nice small but big bridge, has also been added to the right place.

Adding Rocks in Landscaping Design

Rocks in Landscaping DesignIn a campaign in all parts of the city, you will find code that looks the same. Of course, some people may have a manicured lawn and others may not, but the overall look is the same, and the green grass, trees and flowers. If you want your garden stand out identity acres, and add some decorative rocks and stones will do the trick.

In addition to landscaping rocks will give your garden that most homeowners want to be, but I do not know where to start with style and personality. In some of the features of the first step is to remove some of the pasture. If you do not use your front yard, there is no point in maintaining it, which is unique to your landscape.

With a shovel, or if you have the opportunity to use the land tillers. Rock slide way out, this is not a stone, we use this landscaping project :)

If you dig, you need to decide whether you have the right plants and flowers, and if not, now is the time to add a proper irrigation system.

You also can add to your landscape the front yard to add a sidewalk is. You have to use a driveway or what is worse, the grass, to your door, not your results, so I think by improving sidewalks. This is in addition to allowing guests to your home dirt and other impurities.

A popular effect is puzzling rocks along the streets of the stone path to your door. Make sure that if you install the end of the rocks sure do and they do not move when they walk on. In order to maintain the removal of stones 4-5 cm of soil, and you lay under every rock. Add a thin layer of gravel in the bottom of the stone. This will allow you to ensure the security and stability of rocks and stones.

Planning the hallway trying to add functionality curve design results. This makes the company unique and informal look you. On small trees and shrubs at the top of the structure to provide new equipment. Color and a little more, some easy care perennials. Perennials work well with a view of the rock, they are easy to maintain, but they add to the beauty and color of pasta products.

Once the area is important, you can begin to see some tiny green and flowers. You can add some vegetables to fill the gaps in the passage between the rocks. He suggested that instead of using mulch to keep the appearance of the river between the uses of stone manicured flower. Works well, it’s just a matter of taste and budget.

Now the finishing touch to add some vines that will wrap around to the fence and patio. Plants can be hung on your patio, or you can create a network of vines and flower pots. It gives them a last look like a Tuscan garden. Decorative stone is the finishing touch is very simple to do this project, you have a front yard, and the neighbors envy for years.

Garden Equipment: Growing Your Own Garden

Garden EquipmentHowever, he could collect all the tools, what they can, but some are definitely better than garden tools and other useful cannot do without.

Here are some gardening tools, gardening efforts that will make the difference clear.


This machine garden with rounded or sharp knife. This helps gardeners ground, dig a hole, and even in the transplant process. You have to try and pick up a garden spade has a flat edge knife. Your legs to get a better surface in this way later.


Lawn and garden hand in hand. Can not have a garden without weeds and their own garden is a fact of life. You cannot just walk away, but hoes help you get rid of them. You can also use a shovel to break ground if necessary. Garden shovel your choice should depend on its strength, so try to go rolling code has riveted handles. This knife is more reliable.

Small blade allows you to hoe between plants and, if necessary, remove weeds.


Shovel is a tool in the process of cultivation, and offer great support. If you’re looking for longevity, and most people, it is a choice of stainless steel blades. If you want to have an easy grip, and then select the trowel with soft rubber grip. If gardening is your passion for working in the garden, you will spend a long time, then you would do well to ladles, ergonomic design that helps get taken from wrist strain.


Rake helps get rid of all the leaves collected in autumn garden of your garden, but you can collect all the debris. You can use a narrow or wide sweep. If you sweep around narrow or among plants are easy to use to manipulate, but it will get rid of a broad spectrum of computing autumn leaves quickly and easily. Therefore, best of all, you have two types of combs, and here, select only those controls comfortably.


This is a gardener and garden equipment, you cannot. This is because, during the formation of crop, trim, deadheading full year. So if you want to reduce the net on the plant, then you should lopper. Do not tear or rip the plant.

Usually there are two types of pruning shears, you can choose from – and anvil shears cutting shears. This scissor remembers buying a costly exercise, so be very careful when choosing one.

Fox Park

If you want to break ground garden, the garden fork is the best option. Compared with a pitchfork, garden fork thicker and shorter. Not for those who have flat teeth, but for those who have nowhere to go gear. You can take a garden spade fork, whether it is the right size and shape.

Water Cans

A good watering is a must if you are the proud owner of the park. A good watering can makes it easier for you to water your plants. And can easily be tilted in your hand easily manipulated and balance.

It is a tool that is often used in gardens. Your more people, but if you have this, then you do not encounter in your garden activity on any difficulty.

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